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ALAN MORAES FERREIRA asked 2 years ago

include <bits/stdc++.h>

int main() { double a,b,c=1,d=3,e,f; int x; for(a=0; a<=1.9; a=a+.2) { for(b=1.0; b<=3.0; b++) { e=b+a; if(a==0.0||a==1.0){ printf("I=%.0lf J=%.0lf\n",a,e);} else if(e==3.0||e==4.0||e==5.0){ printf("I=%.0lf J=%.0lf\n",a,e);} else { printf("I=%.1lf J=%.1lf\n",a,e);} } } for(x=3; x<=5; x++) { printf("I=2 J=%d\n",x);} return 0; }

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