Printing after every Input

Zulkar-nain Hunts asked 3 years ago

After every input printing my output result, but here need is program will print result after terminate. I tried huge time and change the code but I didn't able to find out soluttion. Here is my code

int x,y;
        else if(x<y)
            printf("Cresente\n"); //Ascending
Can anybody help me out how can I print after porgram terminate.

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  • Luis Fernando Veronese Trivelatto replied 3 years ago

    You misspeled the words (missing a 'c' in both), try doing ctrl+c ctrl+v directly from the example output.

  • Alexandre Corlet replied 1 year ago

    I don't think your program need to print the results after it terminate, because my answer was accepted and my program was actually having the same behavior... but if you want to print when you are done with inputs... you can try use a list or something like that... I think it should probably work. Also, you misspeled the words. >.<