The output is same. but I found presentation error

Prantik😇 asked 11 months ago

for row in range(n):

    for col in range(n):

        if col == n - 1:

            print('  ' + str(M[row][col]))


            print('  ' + str(M[row][col]), end=' ')


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  • Wes (FATEC-SJC) replied 10 months ago

    Cuidado com os espaços, eles são a causa disto

  • bad at math replied 10 months ago

    you need to take care of the empty spaces they talk about in the question and then right justify. uDebug inputs/outputs helped me a lot tho.

  • Daniel E. Maihack Mergen replied 11 months ago

    hey there, try use like "%3d" and "%4d" between the values