PROBLEM 1873 - URI Fórum 1.0

URI Online Judge asked 5 years ago

URI Online Judge Fórum 1.0


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  • Unknown replied 4 years ago

    Everybody-just use the Portuguese title .like : "pedra" , "papel" , "tesoura" , "lagarto" and "Spock". The given input is wrong ..i got 2 WA for this

  • 🧙The Install Wizard 🧙 replied 4 years ago

    Cases like this is better to give a feedback in main page =)

  • Quandray replied 4 years ago

    Although the problem description, input sample and output sample are in English, it appears that the test cases are in Portuguese, i.e. pedra, papel, tesoura, lagarto & spock and if there is a tie, the output should contain the word empate. I believe the problem description should make this clear. If you run the English input sample in the toolkit, it does not produce the output sample.

  • Ricardo Martins replied 5 years ago

    Sim, só muda a saída. Só que no exato dia que a prova foi aplicada, a outra questão foi publicada no URI. Como todas as questões desta prova foram publicadas posteriormente no URI, esta foi incluída também.

  • Alexandre Henrique Afonso Campos replied 5 years ago

    Igual ao problema ... /view/1828