Possible wrong judge of this problem

feodorv asked 2 years ago

The problem states that 'If there is more than a great solution, your program will only report the amount of necessary accounts for multiplication' but i've managed to get AC only when i've printed the total amount of necessary accounts not only when multiple possible solutions exist for this amount (corresponding to 'a great solution') but when ambiguity arises for any amounts of necessary accounts for multiplication. For example we can consider the following input:

17 71
71 71
71 6
6 6

The correct answer is


with the amount value as 38100. This solution is unique, no other order of multiplication can produce this value. Nevertheless because the total amount of required account for ((A2A3)A4) is equal to the total amount of required account for (A2(A3A4)) we think that there is a tie and we print


as the answer to the input (please, consult with uDebug). Very silly :(

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