Problem with the description

Eduardo Rodrigues asked 11 months ago

In the description it was said to write a program " check whether it's possible to give the exact change using two different bills.".

For the input 1 5, the output is "possible"

If we should use 'TWO DIFFERENT BILLS', how is it possible? Maybe the description of the problem should be updated or the solution fixed.

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  • feodorv replied 3 months ago

    Yes, the word 'different' is misleading here. The google translation from Portuguese to English of the original problem statement gives

    To make Gil's life easier, write a program for him to determine whether or not it is possible to return the exact change using two notes.

    No notion of 'different bills'.

  • Katriel Muller De Oliveira replied 3 months ago

    What merchandise value is 1 purchase value and customer paid with 5 then 4 was left to give change, which can be two notes of two. I believe it is.