English language version is incomprehensible

Dena Esther Utne asked 5 months ago

The English language version of this problem is written so poorly that I was unable to determine what I needed to do to solve the problem. (I am a native English speaker.) The sentence that is most confusing and misleading is: "The Bonus will be given to the Master Pomekon that are on a level of a value even." I thought that the something had to be equal (either the Pomekon's levels or their attack values) in order for the bonus to be applied. I wasted a lot of time on not understanding the problem due to bad English.

I would be happy to provide some English editing help. In the meantime, I suggest that the English-language version of this problem be taken down.

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  • Gabriel Martins replied 5 months ago

    You can report in:

  • feodorv replied 5 months ago

    In such cases I use Google translator ( I've changed /en/ on /pt/ in the problem's URL:

    So the sentence becomes

    The Bonus will be given to the coach's Pomekon who is at an even level.

    In other words if Li is even then you can apply the bonus.

    Also you can use uDebug for experiments ;)