Incorrect judge input or problem description

feodorv asked 3 years ago

Contrary to the problem statement "The maximum size of the expression is 1000 characters without any whitespace being entered" the judge input contains lines with whitespaces. Please, use gets or fgets and do not use scanf in your solution.

PS Solution on uDebug gives "SIM" on input line "\pstree{\Tcircle{A}}{\pstree{\Tcircle{A}}{\Tcircle{B}\Tcircle{B}\Tcircle{B}}\pstree{\Tcircle{A}}{\Tcircle{B}\Tcircle{B}\Tcircle{B}}}". Seems that judge input is weak.

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  • feodorv replied 3 years ago

    Seems now this issue is fixed :)