why runtime error

Tanbir ahmed momin asked 5 months ago

include include define pf printf define sf scanf

int main() {

char vajjo[100000];
long long i,vajok,vagses= 0;


  int lenth = strlen(vajjo);


      vagses = ((vagses*10)+ (vajjo[i]-'0'))% vajok;



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  • feodorv replied 5 months ago

    char vajjo[100000];

    At least one additional byte (for '\0') should be added.

  • Tarcísio Mazur Junior replied 5 months ago

    A (1 <= A <= 10 ^ 100000)

    'A' is a giant number, you will need 41,524 bytes to represent only A, and a long long int is only 8 bytes. This problem will make you implement a class that represents this number and divide it using division methods. I suggest that you solve the problem 1722 first: which you will also need a class of giant numbers, but the operation is sum