Learn more about the terms and conditions to use the URI Online Judge website.

  • Acceptance

    By using this website you are indicating your agreement to these Terms and Conditions of Use ("Terms of Use"). If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, please do not use the website and exit now.

  • Updates

    We may revise these Terms of Use at any time without prior notice by updating this page and such revisions will be effective upon posting to this page. Please check this page periodically for any changes. Unless explicitly stated, any new features will be subject to these Terms of Use.

  • Username

    It is forbidden the use of any username that makes some kind of apology to public individuals (actors, actresses, singers, bands, famous from the internet, politicians) or username that have any kind of word of profanity on it.

  • Multiple Accounts

    It is forbidden to use an account by multiple users. The submission of source-codes to the URI Online Judge website can only be done through the user's personal account.

  • Feedbacks

    By submitting suggestions for features and other feedback related to our servicese, you agree that the URI Online Judge may use and share such feedback for any purpose (but is not obliged to do so), without compensation to you.

  • Source-code

    The use of a source code or even part of it without the explicit permission of the author violates the laws of intellectual property and copyright, thus such actions are punishable by the URI Online Judge.

  • Conduct

    Any unlawful action of a user with intention of obtaining advantage over other competitors is punishable by the URI Online Judge. This includes, but it is not limited to the use of fake accounts.

  • Features

    It is prohibited any form of financial gain through the use of any URI Online Judge features, unless the written consent of the creators says otherwise.

  • Personal Account

    It is forbidden to use your personal account to submit the source code of third parties. In this regard, any illegal action to move up in the overall ranking can result in the user has immediate exclusion.

  • Legislation

    Any attempt to destabilize the service offered by the URI Online Judge portal, to invade or tamper with any existing content is punishable according to the current Brazilian legislation.

  • Gravatar

    You are not allowed to use any Gravatar that infringes Brazilian or international law. It is is also phorbidden to make apology to political parties or political figure, religious ideology, companies or Gravatars with obscene image or violation of copyright.

  • Integration and Services

    It is forbidden to directly or indirectly use any functionality of the URI Online Judge website through another program or tool without the formal consent of the authors. In this sense, the creator of this (second) tool will be held responsible. The URI Online Judge reserves its right to take all appropriate measures in accordance with current Bazilian legislation.

  • Problems

    Partial or complete reproduction of the URI Online Judge problems without permission of the problemsetter is also punishable.

  • Posts

    It is forbidden to post in the forum:

    • Span;
    • Advertisements for products, websites or blogs;
    • The ccorrect solution to the available problems;
    • Any abusive, obscene, vulgar, insulting, libelous, hateful, threatening, sexually-biased messages;
    • Messages that infringe copyright or any other material that may violate any applicable law is also punishable;
    • Any other publication that does not have the objective to share information and knowledge.

    Posts that imply these terms will no longer be listed in our indexing, without further notice.

  • URI Forum

    Although the administrators and moderators of the URI Forum try to delete or edit any unwanted material as soon as it is detected, it is impossible to review all of your messages.

    Therefore, you acknowledge that all messages express opinions of the author and not the administrators, moderators or webmaster (except for posts made by these people).

    You agree that the administrators and moderators of this Forum have the right to delete, edit, move or lock any topic that violate the conduct defined in these Terms of Service at any time they decide.

  • Moderators

    The moderation of the posts made in the category attributed to each moderator will be done in a concise and coherent way. Therefore, they are not allowed to edit, remove or denunce a publication that does not fit to the previously described rules.