¿Tienes alguna duda sobre URI Online Judge? ¡Aquí puedes encontrar la respuesta!

  • I am a teacher and I would like to use the URI Online Judge in my classes. Is there any option for this?

    Yes! The URI Online Judge has an area reserved for teachers and coaches called Academic (urionlinejudge.com.br/academic). In it, the teacher/coach can assemble lists of exercises with certain deadlines and add your students, separated by teams/classes/subjects. There, you follow the performance of your students and the submissions of the same for the problems you have requested solution.

    It is fully integrated with the judge, facilitating the addition problems using the ID's of the same in UOJ. Oh, we also count on the MOSS technology, which verifies cases of plagiarism in submissions sent by students for your list. ;)

  • I would like to promote a competition between my students with URI problems. How do I do that?

    The URI Online Judge Academic does not support the competitions module (contests). The competition can be made, but to do that you need to contact our team sending a feedback. To do that, just follow the steps describes in topic "How can I mount a Contest?" at "Contests" category.

  • What's the reason for a problem that I already solved doesn't appear as solved?

    As the submissions can only be accessed by yourself in the judge, there isn't the possibility that your teacher has access to them before the starting date of the homework. Our tool will only release access to those submissions from the moment of creating the list, and the problems in it. All this is a matter of safety, and prevents messes among users. :)

  • I didn’t find my university. How do I show it in the options?

    In section Account Settings, just below the "University" option, there is a field: "Can’t you find your university? Click here". Enter the full name and website of your suggestion. This will send a message to our team, and within a few days your suggestion is analyzed and added, if it’s not already registered. You will receive an email confirming the registration or warning him that this university is already in our database.