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  • How can I mount a Contest?

    To mount a competition, you need to contact our support team. You must send an e-mail containing with at least 7 work days in advance for portal@urionlinejudge.com.br within this follow informations:

    • Date and time of the begging (with timezone) of the contest;
    • Date and time of the end (with timezone) of the contest;
    • Competition's name;
    • Problem files or existing Problem IDs;
    • Key for access (to private competitions).

    The title of this email has to be Create Contest. Can be added up to 14 problems in a competition. If the requested date is not available, a new one will be offered by our staff. To hold a competition open to all users, all the problems to be included must be original. The steps to build new problems are available at "How do I submit problems of my own to the portal?" at "Problems" category.

  • Who can request the creation of Contests?

    Any user can request the creation of a Contest.

  • How does the rating work in the Contests?

    The user who solves the most problems of a contest will be the first. In the case of a tie between multiple users on the number of problems solved, the user with the lowest total accumulated time will be the first. Accumulated time is the sum of time in minutes since the beginning of the competition until first accepted answer for each problem, adding 20 minutes (configurable) to each wrong submission sent previously the accepted answer, if exists.

    For example, if a team submit:

    • a correct solution for problem C (minute 41)
    • wrong solution (WA) for problem A (minute 50)
    • wrong solution (WA) for problem A (minute 53)
    • a correct solution for problem A (minute 55)

    The sum of time to this team will be 41 + 55 + 2 penalties (40 minutes) because problem A was accepted just on the third tentative. Total: 136 minutes. If another team solve the same two problems with an accumulated time equal to 135 minutes, this team will be in front of your team.