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  • What is Markdown? How can I use this?

    Markdown is a text-to-HTML tool, created by John Gruber and Aaron Swartz with objective to simplify the formatation and be easily converted to HTML. The URI Forum use this tool to facilitate the conversation between users throught topics and replies on problems.

    The sintaxe is really simple.

    *italic* : italic;

    **bold** : bold;

    ~crossed~ : crossed;

    These three options doesn't work in text blocks. To put all paragraph in italic, for example, you need to put an * on the start and the end of each line.

    > This is a blockquote:

    This is a blockquote

    `This is a code`

    This is a code


    This is a

    block code


        This is a
        block code

    If you put one of this tags [c, cpp, csharp, java, lua, python, ruby] right after the three backtick quotes [```] the code will be highlighted according to selected language.


    import java.io.BufferedReader;
    import java.io.IOException;
    import java.io.InputStreamReader;

    public class Main {
        public static void main(String[] args) {        
            System.out.printf("Hello world!");



        import java.io.BufferedReader;
        import java.io.IOException;
        import java.io.InputStreamReader;
        public class Main {
          public static void main(String[] args) {
            System.out.printf("Hello world!");

    [text will be clickable](http://url) : [link to URI Forum](http://urionlinejudge.com/forum)

    The heading tags options doesn't work in our Forum.

  • How can I post a question?

    There are many ways to your access the add topics page:

    • In the topics by cateogry page, throught "Create New Topic" button (top right corner)
    • In the forum page o the problem, throught "Create New Topic" button
    • Clicking here

    You must choose what problem your doubt be related, add a short title that sintetize your difficulty and describe all troubles on Description field.

    You still can categorize your doubt by tags, choosing what subject your question is referring and making more easier to another users help you.

  • How can I answer a question?

    Answer a topic is really simple. All you need to do is visualize the topic, and leave your comment on the box that say "Type your answer here".

  • I like a reply. How can I demonstrate that?

    In the URI Forum you can vote in replies that you most like! To do this, just click on the button that is on the left side of the answer, just below the image of the author of publication. Replies with more votes in a topic will be listed first.

  • Can I vote in my own reply, or vote twice in a same reply?

    No, you can't vote in your own reply or twice in a same reply. If you liked a reply of another user, or want that your reply be recognized, ask your friends to vote, too! ;)

  • What is "Mark This Topic as Solved" button?

    When you solve your question you must mark your topic as solved, to another users know that you solved your problem. The topic will be considering closed, and new adds or editions will be prohibited.

  • Why is showed "Question solved. Code removed" in some topics descriptions?

    Because the owner of the topic marked his/her question as solved, and all code blocks will be hidden.

  • Why balloons are shown with the topics?

    They show the status of the topic

    • Red ballons: indicate open topics that the discussion wasn't initiated;
    • Yellow balloons: indicate open topics and in discussion;
    • Green (or aquamarine) balloons: indicate topics that was solved, and the topic was closed.
  • Why in some descriptions ":)" are shown?

    The URI Forum has a verifier of words and expressions of low slang, that doesn't make sense to be used in an environment of study and knowledge sharing. If you add one of these words, it will be removed and placed ":)". If you notice that any such expression is not being parsed by our synthesizer, please contact us by feedback.

  • I can't do any action on URI Forum, what is happening?

    In way to prevent the publication of content that violate our Terms of Service, users may be notified by our moderators if their posts are in violation of these terms. If the user exceeds 3 notifications, he can't take any action in the URI Forum and his permission will be reviewed by our moderators and team. If this is not your case, please contact us by feedback so that we can review your situation.

  • How can I known how much occurrences have I?

    To access the occurrences page, you need to go the top menu, in Forum > Occurrences. All your occurrences will be listed, separated by Topics and Replies.

  • What is "Report" button?

    If you found some post, Topic or Reply, that infringe our Terms os Service (span posts, posts with rights solutions, etc.) you can report it to our moderators, describing what is going on. Our moderator team will be notified and will evaluate your feedback, denouncing or not the post.

    Note that this report don't delete a post, only send a notification to our moderators.