¿Tienes alguna duda sobre URI Online Judge? ¡Aquí puedes encontrar la respuesta!

  • How can I join a team?

    To join a team you can create a new one or be invited to participate in some existing team.

    To create a new team you just need to go to the submenu Contests > Teams and click on "New Team". Each team can have from 1 up to 3 competitors (including its captain). Emails are sent to the users, inviting them to join the team. Users that not accepted the invitation are listed in yellow and users that already accepted the invitation are listed in gray.

  • How can I create a tournament?

    To create tournaments you just need to access the submenu Contests > Tournaments and click on "New Tournament". Fill all the form with the information needed. You can create public tournaments, that does not require an access key, or private tournaments.

  • How can I join a tournament?

    To participate in a tournament you need to be part of at least one team. In public tournaments, you just need to register for the competition and wait for it to start. In private tournaments, the author of the competition needs to provide a key for you to access it.

  • Can I add my own problems in a Tournament?

    No. It is only possible to add problems that are already available in our repository. However, you can send your problem so we could add it to our database. The step-by-step to create new problems are available in "How do I submit problems of my own to the portal?" on the "Problems" category.

  • Can I create Tournaments with SQL problems?

    Yes! You can create tournaments with any problem from our repository and with any available programming languages. In case of adding SQL problems remember to add a query language as well.

  • Why my submission was not recognized in a tournament?

    Check if the programming language that you submitted your code is accepted by the tournament. Submissions made in languages not acceptable in a competition will not be counted for the rank.

  • Do the submissions made in a tournament interfere with the overall rank?

    Yes. The submissions made in tournaments are accounted for your profile and nowadays interfere with the main rank of URI. Our team is working on updates for the main rank and it will be adjusted as soon as possible.