URI Online Judge | 1763

Santa's Translator

By Jean Bez, URI Online Judge BR Brazil

Timelimit: 3

Nicholas is already pretty tired and his memory is not the same. You, as his navigator, should help Santa to shout the phrase "Merry Christmas" in the correct language according to each country.

As you are a very smart elf, you have already created a small app on your mobile (yes, elves have cell phones) that will let you know the phrase in the correct language according to the name of the country. The sled is modern (it was upgraded in 2000), thus it displays the name of the current country in the navigation panel.

The data you included in your app was:

brasil              Feliz Natal!
alemanha            Frohliche Weihnachten!
austria             Frohe Weihnacht!
coreia              Chuk Sung Tan!
espanha             Feliz Navidad!
grecia              Kala Christougena!
estados-unidos      Merry Christmas!
inglaterra          Merry Christmas!
australia           Merry Christmas!
portugal            Feliz Natal!
suecia              God Jul!
turquia             Mutlu Noeller
argentina           Feliz Navidad!
chile               Feliz Navidad!
mexico              Feliz Navidad!
antardida           Merry Christmas!
canada              Merry Christmas!
irlanda             Nollaig Shona Dhuit!
belgica             Zalig Kerstfeest!
italia              Buon Natale!
libia               Buon Natale!
siria               Milad Mubarak!
marrocos            Milad Mubarak!
japao               Merii Kurisumasu!

To avoid the risk of informing the wrong sentence to Santa you decided to test your application a few more times.


You will test your application with different names of countries, simulating the data reported by the navigation pane present on the sleigh.


Your application should display on the screen the words in the correct language. If it is not registered, you should display the message "--- NOT FOUND ---" so that after the tests you can complete the database.

Input Sample Output Sample


--- NOT FOUND ---
Frohliche Weihnachten!
Feliz Natal!
Frohe Weihnacht!