URI Online Judge | 1830

Boxes of Chocolates

Por Edson Alves, Faculdade UnB Gama BR Brazil

Timelimit: 3

A chocolate factory produces three kinds of chocolates. The basic ingredients to make a unit of each kind are listed bellow:

peanut (5g), white chocolate (25g) and milk chocolate (20g);
white chocolate (25g) and milk chocolate (25g);
milk chocolate (50g).

The factory sells three different boxes of chocolates. Each box contains 30 units. The name and composition of each box are:

30 Crocante;
10 Crocante and 20 Misto;
10 chocolates of each kind.

Knowing that in a month the factory processed X kg of peanut, Y kg of white chocolate and Z kg of milk chocolate. How many boxes of each kind were produced in that month?


The input is composed by several test cases. Each test case is described by a single line that contains real numbers X, Y e Z (0 ≤ X,Y,Z ≤ 10000), in kilograms, separated by one space. A line with three zeros marks the end of the input: don't process this last line.

The values of X, Y, Z have, at most, three decimal digits.


For each test case the program must print a line with the message "Caso #t: A Especial, B Predileta e C Sortida", where integers A,B,C are the amounts of each type of box and t is the test case number (the counting starts with one).

Input Samples Output Samples

4 40 46

0.25 2 2.25

0.4 3.75 4.85

13.5 102.5 139

8.7 96.5 116.8

0 0 0

Caso #1: 10 Especial, 30 Predileta e 20 Sortida

Caso #2: 1 Especial, 1 Predileta e 1 Sortida

Caso #3: 1 Especial, 2 Predileta e 3 Sortida

Caso #4: 50 Especial, 20 Predileta e 100 Sortida

Caso #5: 13 Especial, 77 Predileta e 58 Sortida