URI Online Judge | 1861

Hall of Murderers

By Leandro Zatesko, UFFS BR Brazil

Timelimit: 1

Who killed Meryn Trant? Who killed Syrio Forel, in the case wherein he is actually dead? Who killed Stannis Baratheon? Who killed Myrcella Baratheon? Who killed Aerys II Targaryen? Who is going to kill (spoiler alert!) Jaime Lannister? For some of these questions we had the answer already. For others, we had just speculations. However, we have received from an anonymous correspondent a list describing many murders, which have already happened or are still to happen, revealing the name of the murderers as of the murdered ones. But the murders are not in lexicographical order, not even in chronological order, and it becomes hard to count how many people each murderer has killed. Can you help us?


Each line of input describes a murder by informing the murderer's name followed by the name of the one who has been killed. Each name consists of at least one and at most 10 characters, with the first being always in capital case and the others always in small case. The input consists of at least one and at most 105 lines and is ended in end-of-file.


The first line of output shall be consisted of the sentence “HALL OF MURDERERS”, without the quotation marks. Each one of the following lines shall contain a name of a murderer followed by the number of people that he or she has killed. The list of murderers shall follow the lexicographical ordering. If a murderer has also ended up being killed, he or she shall not appear in the list.

Input Sample Output Sample

Arya Meryn
Meryn Syrio
Brienne Stannis
Ellaria Myrcella
Jaime Aerys
Brienne Jaime

Arya 1
Brienne 2
Ellaria 1