URI Online Judge | 1893

Moon Phases

By Neilor Tonin, URI BR Brazil

Timelimit: 1

Jade won as birthday gift a telescope and is very happy, because she loves stay looking the moon at night. She was always a very good student, and just analyzing the moon for two consecutive nights, she can already identify the changes that occurred in lighting and the approximate percentage of the moon that are illuminated.

You, who is a Jade's friend and a Computer Science student, decided to make a small program that, based on her analise made in the last two nights, informs the phase in which the moon is. If the visible portion of the moon is between 0 and 2%, for example, is new moon ("nova" in portuguese). If it is between 3 and 96% is crescent moon ("crescente" in portuguese), if it is between 97 and 100% is full moon ("cheia" in portuguese) and it is between 3 and 96 % (decreasing) is waning moon ("minguante" in portuguese).


The input consists of a single line containing two integer numbers. The first number corresponds to the percentage observed by Jade at night two days ago. The second value corresponds to the percentage observed by jade the night before.


Based on the two percentage observed by Jade, print on the screen at what stage the moon was in the night before. Don't forget the end-of-line character :)

Input Sample Output Sample

0 2


2 3


99 97


97 94


30 35