URI Online Judge | 2170

Taxes of Project

By Igor Gomes, UEVA BR Brazil

Timelimit: 1

In an investment project, whose initial capital value is X, yield after a period a Y value you want to know what this project interest rate. You want to know what the internal rate of return on investment, because that way you can check the percentage of interest.


There are several designs to be analyzed, and each project is given the initial capital contribution (1 < X < 1020), and its return (X < Y < 1020).


For each project show the amount of interest for each application. Show as the sample output.

Input Sample Output Sample

20000 35000
2500 5000
7535 160000

Projeto 1:
Percentual dos juros da aplicacao: 75.00 %

Projeto 2:
Percentual dos juros da aplicacao: 100.00 %

Projeto 3:
Percentual dos juros da aplicacao: 2023.42 %