URI Online Judge | 2253

Passwords Validator

By Gustavo Marmentini, URI BR Brazil

Timelimit: 1

Rolien and Naej are the developers of a big programming portal. To help the new site registration system, they requested your help. Your job is write a code that validates passwords that are registered on the portal, for that you should be aware for the following requirements:


The input contains several test cases and ends with EOF. Each line has a string S, corresponding to the password that is entered by the user at registration.


The output contains a line, which can be "Senha valida.", if the password has all previously requested requirements, or "Senha invalida.", if one or more requirements aren’t met.

Input Sample Output Sample

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Senha invalida.

Senha valida.

Senha valida.

Senha invalida.

Senha invalida.

Senha valida.