URI Online Judge | 2313

Which Triangle

By Alexandre A. Melo, IFSC BR Brazil

Timelimit: 1

Given three values, find out if they form a triangle. If so, check if the triangle is scalene, isoceles or equilateral and if it is a triangle rectangle or not.


Input is given by three integers A,B e C (0 < A,B,C < 105).


The output must be the one single line containing the string "Invalido" if the input values do not represent a triangle.

If the values can be the sides of a triangle the output must be "Valido-Equilatero" if such triangle is equilateral, "Valido-Escaleno" if it is scalene or "Valido-Isoceles" if it is isoceles. The next line of output must read "Retangulo: S" if the triangle is rectangle or "Retangulo: N" otherwise, as shown in the examples.

Input Samples Output Samples

4 6 2


4 3 3

Retangulo: N

3 4 5

Retangulo: S