URI Online Judge | 2355

Brazil and Germany

By Alexandre Davis, UFMG BR Brazil

Timelimit: 1

Brazil and Germany was a unforgettable match. In this match, Germany scored 7 times in 90 minutes, while Brazil scored only 1. It was an incredible milestone in history of brazilian soccer, so Leonardo decide make a web page for brazilians never forget this splendid day.

The page shows the scoreboard of the match if it was still going on since that fateful July 8, 2014, considering the same rate of scores (like in figure below). Therefore, Leonardo ask for your help to calculate the scoreboard of the match showed on his web page.


As the web site want shock his fans, the Germany scores should round up while Brazil scores should round down.


The input is composed for one number N (90 ≤ N ≤ 109) indicating how many minutes passed since the start of the match. It ends when N = 0.


The output should write in only one line: “Brasil B x Alemanha A” where B and A are integers indicating how many goals Germany and Brazil did, respectively.

Input Sample Output Sample


Brasil 1 x Alemanha 7
Brasil 1 x Alemanha 8
Brasil 2 x Alemanha 14