URI Online Judge | 2579


By Dâmi Henrique, INATEL BR Brasil

Timelimit: 1

Nagol, a former superhero who everyone thinks is dead, lives in a quiet inner city of Minas. After retiring from the hectic life of a hero, he now works as a tile designer. We will imagine a wall of tiles as a grid of L * C, L lines identified from 0 to L-1 and C columns identified from 0 to C-1. Nagol has its own style of design, it uses its hands to "scratch" each of the tiles and turn the final wall into a great work of art.

The order he uses to do this is always the same, starts from the first row and scribbles all the C columns from left to right, then goes to the second row and scribbles all C columns in the same way, it repeats until Finish the L lines. An important detail is that he never makes two straight strokes with the same hand, alternating starting always with the right hand. Here is an example of a final wall where L = 2 and C = 3:

Wall example

Your task is, given the size of the wall (L and C) and the position of a specific tile (X and Y), tell which hand Nagol will use to scratch it.


Each row of the input has four integers L (0 < L, C < 105), X (0 ≤ X < L), Y (0 ≤ Y < C), all previously described.


Display a single line with the message "Direita" (right, in Portuguese) if it has scratched the tile with your right hand or "Esquerda" (left, in Portuguese), otherwise.

Input Samples Output Samples

2 3 0 1


4 4 2 2