URI Online Judge SQL | 2602

Basic Select

Paulo R. Rodegheri BR Brazil

Timelimit: 1

Your company is doing a survey of how many customers are registered in the states, however, lacked to raise the data of the state of the 'Rio Grande do Sul'.

Then, you must show the names of all customers whose state is 'RS'.


Column Type
id (PK) numeric
name varchar
street varchar
city varchar
state char
credit_limit number


id name street city state credit_limit
1 Pedro Augusto da Rocha Rua Pedro Carlos Hoffman Porto Alegre RS 700,00
2 Antonio Carlos Mamel Av. Pinheiros Belo Horizonte MG 3500,50
3 Luiza Augusta Mhor Rua Salto Grande Niteroi RJ 4000,00
4 Jane Ester Av 7 de setembro Erechim RS 800,00
5 Marcos Antônio dos Santos Av Farrapos Porto Alegre RS 4250,25

Output Sample

Pedro Augusto da Rocha
Jane Ester
Marcos Antônio dos Santos