URI Online Judge SQL | 2613

Cheap Movies

Paulo R. Rodegheri BR Brasil

Timelimit: 1

In the past the studio has made an event where several movies were on sale, we want to know what movies these were.

Your job to help us is to select the ID and name of movies whose price is less than 2.00.


Column Type
id (PK) numeric
name varchar
id_prices (FK) numeric
Column Type
id (PK) numeric
categorie varchar
value numeric


id name id_prices
1 Batman 3
2 The Battle of the Dark River 3
3 White Duck 5
4 Breaking Barriers 4
5 The Two Hours 2
id categorie value
1 Releases 3.50
2 Bronze Seal 2.00
3 Silver Seal 2.50
4 Gold Seal 3.00
5 Promotion 1.50

Output Sample

id name
3 White Duck