URI Online Judge SQL | 2625

CPF Validation

Marcos Lima BR Brasil

Timelimit: 1

Your company's communications managers want a report on the natural person customer data that is registered in the database. But the old report had a problem. customers CPF data came without validation.

So your job now is to select all the CPFs of all the customers, and apply a mask on the return of the data.

The CPF mask looks like: '000.000.000-00'.


Column Type
id (PK) numeric
name character varying (255)
street character varying (255)
city character varying (255)
state char (2)
credit_limit numeric
Column Type
id_customers (FK) numeric
cpf char (14)


id name street city state credit_limit
1 Nicolas Diogo Cardoso Acesso Um Porto Alegre RS 475
2 Cecília Olivia Rodrigues Rua Sizuka Usuy Cianorte PR 3170
3 Augusto Fernando Carlos Eduardo Cardoso Rua Baldomiro Koerich Palhoça SC 1067
4 Nicolas Diogo Cardoso Acesso Um Porto Alegre RS 475
5 Sabrina Heloisa Gabriela Barros Rua Engenheiro Tito Marques Fernandes Porto Alegre RS 4312
6 Joaquim Diego Lorenzo Araújo Rua Vitorino Novo Hamburgo RS 2314
id_customers cpf
1 26774287840
2 97918477200

Output Sample