URI Online Judge | 2678

Voice Dialing

By Hamilton José Brumatto, UESC BR Brazil

Timelimit: 1

Sinc analogue-dial telephones, it was customary in some countries to associate some letters with dial numbers, so that one could assign a telephone number to a easily memorized word. This type of association can be seen in the figure below, which represents the "dialer" of a digital phone:


This practice is not very common in Brazil, but there are some companies that use it, an example is an insurance company, which discloses as a telephone number: "333-PORTO". By making an association between letters and numbers, the actual telephone number is: "33376786" (the '-' symbol is discarded). Currently, as telephones accept voice dialing, dictating a number stored in letters and words requires a translation. You have been prompted for a program that receives text representing a phone number and returns the actual phone number.


There are several test cases, each test case is a single line with a text with N printable ASCII symbols (3 ≤ N ≤ 300), including the '*' and '#' symbols. The test cases end with the end of the inputs.


For each entry the output is a telephone dial number, on a single line, which can also contain the '*' and '#' symbols as dial numbers. Any letter must be translated into the corresponding number, any other symbols are simply discarded.

Input Sample Output Sample