URI Online Judge | 2722

Evergreen Trick

By Neilor Tonin, URI BR Brazil

Timelimit: 1

Evergreen Bushy, one of Noel's helper elves, is responsible for inventing many of the toys distributed by Noel and also well-known for joking with the good old man, has made another joke this year.

As he always does every year, Bushy separated the presents for each child by placing a note with the children's name. The problem is that he did not simply put the correct name of the child in the present: he joked :) each of the names by mixing the letters in a sequence: two letters of the name followed by two letters of the surname, followed by two letters of the name and by two letters of the surname and so on.

Well, as Noel is very tired this year and without time for jokes, he asked you that is an expert in programming to make a program that converts the name mixed by Evergreen into the correct name of each child.

Just a curiousity: the first line of each test case will always have an even number of characters and the second line will always have the same number of characters of the first line (or the same number -1 character).


The input contains an integer N (N < 2000) that indicates the number of test cases. Each test case consists of two lines with up to 100 characters (maximum). These two lines contain the name that was mixed by Evergreen Bushy, which is basically composed of uppercase, lowercase, and white spaces.


Based on these two input lines, your program must print the correct children's name, according to the rule to decode it, as described above.

Input Sample Output Sample

Peo lart
bea nta
cir lio

Pedro Malazartes
Roberta Rantula
Jucimar Telinho