URI Online Judge SQL | 2737


Marcos Lima BR Brasil

Timelimit: 1

The manager of Mangojata Lawyers requested a report on the current lawyers.

The manager wants you to show him the name of the lawyer with the most clients, the one with the fewest and the client average considering all lawyers.

OBS: Before presenting the average, show a field called Average to make the report more readable. The average must be presented as an integer.


Column Type
register (PK) integer
name varchar
customers_number integer


register name customers_number
1648 Marty M. Harrison 5
2427 Jonathan J. Blevins 15
3365 Chelsey D. Sanders 20
4153 Dorothy W. Ford 16
5525 Penny J. Cormier 6

Output Sample

name customers_number
Chelsey D. Sanders 20
Marty M. Harrison 5
Average 12