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Marcos Lima BR Brasil

Timelimit: 1

The Central Bank of Financing lost many registers after a server failure that happened last October. The collection dates for the parcels where lost.

The bank requested your help to select the names and day of month in which each client must pay theirs parcel.

OBS: The day of month must be an integer.


Column Type
id (PK) integer
name varchar
value numeric
payday timestamp (ISO YMD)


id name value payday
1 Cristian Ghyprievy 3000.50 2017-10-19
2 John Serial 10000 2017-10-10
3 Michael Seven 5000.40 2017-10-17
4 Joana Cabel 2000 2017-10-05
5 Miguel Santos 4050 2017-10-20

Output Sample

name day
Cristian Ghyprievy 19
John Serial 10
Michael Seven 17
Joana Cabel 5
Miguel Santos 20