URI Online Judge SQL | 2740


Marcos Lima BR Brasil

Timelimit: 1

The International Underground Excavation League is a success between alternative sports, however the staff responsible for organizing the events doesn’t understand computers at all, they only know how to dig and the sport rule set. As such, you were hired to solve the League’s problem.

Select the three first placed with the initial phrase "Podium: " and select the last two, which will be demoted to a lower league with the initial phrase “Demoted:".


Column Type
position (PK) integer
team varchar


position team
1 The Quack Bats
2 The Responsible Hornets
3 The Bawdy Dolphins
4 The Abstracted Sharks
5 The Nervous Zebras
6 The Oafish Owls
7 The Unequaled Bison
8 The Keen Kangaroos
9 The Left Nightingales
10 The Terrific Elks
11 The Lumpy Frogs
12 The Swift Buffalo
13 The Big Chargers
14 The Rough Robins
15 The Silver Crocs

Output Sample

Podium: The Quack Bats
Podium: The Responsible Hornets
Podium: The Bawdy Dolphins
Demoted: The Rough Robins
Demoted: The Silver Crocs