URI Online Judge SQL | 2741

Students Grades

Marcos Lima BR Brasil

Timelimit: 1

The semester is over at South Transylvania University. Every grade was closed, and only Alchemy 104 haven’t published its list of approved students.

Therefore, you should show the word 'Approved: ' alongisde the the name of a student and the grade, for those who have been approved (grade ≥7).

Remember to sort the list by grade (higher grades first).


Column Type
id (PK) integer
name varchar
grade numeric


id name grade
1 Terry B. Padilla 7.3
2 William S. Ray 0.6
3 Barbara A. Gongora 5.2
4 Julie B. Manzer 6.7
5 Teresa J. Axtell 4.6
6 Ben M. Dantzler 9.6

Output Sample

name grade
Approved: Ben M. Dantzler 9.6
Approved: Terry B. Padilla 7.3