URI Online Judge SQL | 2744


Marcos Lima BR Brasil

Timelimit: 1

You were hired to be the consultant for a company. Analyzing the database, you noticed that the passwords are stored as text files and, as everyone knows, this is a terrible security practice as they are not encrypted.

Therefore you must convert every password to the MD5 format. Show the client id, the password before conversion and the new MD5.


Column Type
id (PK) integer
name varchar
login varchar
password varchar


id name login password
1 Joyce P. Parry Promeraw noh1Oozei
2 Michael T. Gonzalez Phers1942 Iath3see9bi
3 Heather W. Lawless Hankicht diShono4
4 Otis C. Hitt Conalothe zooFohH7w
5 Roger N. Brownfield Worseente fah7ohNg

Output Sample

id password MD5
1 noh1Oozei b67ed42ced0e0a19ce7ed904bb94b607
2 Iath3see9bi 66877b2da87fb09af3f5602f31c6d35c
3 diShono4 d19c9be4c00c683a4688948b81eb2a1d
4 zooFohH7w 202b76ed4a556fdbf409505a8023695e
5 fah7ohNg 05b3dccaa70f228f1bedc7a285e50d9d