URI Online Judge SQL | 2745


Marcos Lima BR Brasil

Timelimit: 1

You are going to the International Personal Tax meeting and your proposal is: every individual with income higher than 3000 must pay a tax to the government, which is 10% of his/her income.

Show the name and the tax value of each person who earns more than 3000, with two decimal places of precision.


Column Type
id (PK) integer
name varchar
salary numeric


id name salary
1 James M. Tabarez 883
2 Rafael T. Hendon 4281
3 Linda J. Gardner 4437
4 Nicholas J. Conn 8011
5 Karol A. Morales 2508
6 Lolita S. Graves 8709

Output Sample

name tax
Rafael T. Hendon 428.10
Linda J. Gardner 443.70
Nicholas J. Conn 801.10
Lolita S. Graves 870.90