URI Online Judge | 2753

Output 7

By Roberto A. Costa Jr, UNIFEI BR Brazil

Timelimit: 1

Your teacher would like you to do a program with the following characteristics:

  1. Create twenty-six integers;
  2. Assign the first variable the value 97;
  3. Assign the other variables to the value of the first sum of a unit;
  4. Show on the screen the numeric values of the first variable, a space in arm, the character 'e', another white space and its alphanumeric value (characters);
  5. Repeat for all other variables.


There is not.


The result of your program should be the same as the output example.

Input Sample Output Sample

97 e a

98 e b

99 e c

100 e d

101 e e

102 e f

103 e g

104 e h

105 e i

106 e j

107 e k

108 e l

109 e m

110 e n

111 e o

112 e p

113 e q

114 e r

115 e s

116 e t

117 e u

118 e v

119 e w

120 e x

121 e y

122 e z