URI Online Judge | 2761

Input and Output of Various Types

By Roberto A. Costa Jr, UNIFEI BR Brazil

Timelimit: 1

Your teacher would like to make a program with the following characteristics:

  1. Create an integer variable;
  2. Create a real variable of simple precision;
  3. Create a variable that stores a character;
  4. Create a variable that stores a phrase of max 50 characters;
  5. Read all variables in the order of the created form;
  6. Print out all variables as read;
  7. Print the variables, separating them by tabulation (8 spaces), in the order they were read;
  8. Print the variables with exactly 10 spaces.


The input consists of several test files. In each test file there is one line. The line has a variable A that stores an integer, a variable B that stores a real number, a variable C with a character, and a variable D that stores a phrase with a maximum of 50 characters. As shown in the following input example.


For each file in the input, you have an output file. The output file has three lines as described in items 6, 7, and 8. As shown in the following output example. Print the floating-point values ​​to 6 decimal places after the comma.

Input Samples Output Samples

12 3.141560 a Uri online

123.141560aUri online

12 3.141560 a Uri online

12 3.141560 a Uri online

791 123.141568 | aaa


791 123.141571 | aaa

791123.141571 | aaa