URI Online Judge | 2765

Coming Input and Output

By Roberto A. Costa Jr, UNIFEI BR Brazil

Timelimit: 1

Your teacher would like to make a program with the following characteristics:

  1. Read a sentence that will have a comma in the middle of the text;
  2. Print the first part of the sentence;
  3. Print the second part of the sentence.


The input consists of several test files. In each test file there is one line. The line has a phrase with a maximum of 100 characters (may have white space) and a comma. As shown in the following input example.


For each file in the entry, you have an output file. The output file has two lines according to steps 2 and 3. As shown in the following output example.

Input Samples Output Samples

O URI, eh o melhor


 eh o melhor

Bem vindo, ja vai!!

Bem vindo

 ja vai!!