URI Online Judge | 2840


By Diego Rangel, FACIT BR Brazil

Timelimit: 1

I hope you are enjoying the competition

We the authors (Diego Rangel, Francisco Arcos, Gabriel Duarte and Gustavo Policarpo), we are happy to be trying to solve our problems. For you who are beginner and do not leave the room without any balloon here is a challenge for you:

Knowing the radius of the balloon model and the amount of helium gas available, could you help the team by saying how many balloons can be filled completely?


The input is composed of two integers R and L (1 ≤ R, L ≤ 109) the radius and the amount of gas available respectively.

Consider PI = 3.1415


You must print a single integer representing the amount of balloons that can be filled with the amount of helium gas available.

Input Samples Output Samples

4 4000


2 50