URI Online Judge | 2847

Paper, Scissors, I Love You!

By Gustavo Policarpo, INATEL BR Brazil

Timelimit: 1

As you know, or not, Valentine's Day is over. It is very common on that date that couples exchange gifts, in order to show how much they like each other.

Suppose you date, and have forgotten to buy such a gift, but have a page of an old magazine and scissors in hand. How many phrases "I love you!" Will you be able to form? Remember the more the better: D


The entry consists of a line describing the page of the magazine you own. Because it is an old magazine, up to 10 ^ 5 characters will be present, being alpha numeric, punctuation marks and spaces.


You should print the number of times you can form the phrase "I love you!" Without the quotation marks.

Input Samples Output Samples

I love you too much!


i love you, but not too much!


Iloveyou! !uoyevolI