URI Online Judge | 2864

How Tall is It?

By Ricardo Martins, IFSULDEMINAS BR Brazil

Timelimit: 1

Nick is a scientist who travels through several parallel universes along with his grandson, Mory. In one of these universes, there was a television program, which rewarded those who guessed the maximum heights of fruit pitches. At this location, the fruit mass did not influence the maximum height of the pitch. Nick calculated the angle of the pitch, which always formed a parabola, and extracted a second-degree function from the trajectory. Help Nick and Mory win many awards in this program.


The input is composed of several test cases. The first line contains an integer T (2 <= T <= 99) relative to the number of test cases. The following T lines have three integer values ​​A (A < 0), B and C (-100 <= B, C <= 100), representing the coefficients of a second degree function, in the form ax2 + bx + c.


For each entry test case in your program, you should print a real number, to the nearest two decimal places, the maximum pitch height of a fruit.

Input Sample Output Sample

-1 4 1
-1 3 0
-1 -1 3