URI Online Judge | 2927

Unforeseen at Christmas

By Igor Gomes, UVA BR Brazil

Timelimit: 1

Igor is a programming teacher, and with the arrival of Christmas, times of holidays and trips, in his room is occurring many unforeseen, both in number of students and with problems in the computers due to the vacation of the IT trainee. Jazon is a very dedicated student and wants to help his teacher, but he is still an aspiring programmer, so he asked for his help in counting the number of computers that will be working on a specific day of that Christmas month, and if it is enough for the total number of students. If the number of functional computers is insufficient for the total number of students, there will be no class.

The student also spoke some details:

Igor, the teacher, always uses one of the computers.

Caius is very clumsy and burned an X number of computers.

There is a Y number of computers that have no compiler installed.


The input is made by a number A (0 <C <= 1000) of students and C (A <= C <= 1000) corresponding to the number of computers. In addition, it must be an X number (X <= C <= 100) of computers burned by a Y (Y <= C <= 1000) number of computers that do not have a compiler.


If you do not have a class, print "Igor bolado!", But if, on that same condition, the number of computers burned by Caio is greater than half of the computers that do not work, print only: "Caio, a culpa eh sua!" . If you have a class, print "Igor feliz!".

Input Samples Output Samples

6 12 3 2

Igor feliz!

3 6 1 2

Igor bolado!

4 8 3 2

Caio, a culpa eh sua!