URI Online Judge | 2930

Final Thesis of Christmas Depression

By Igor Gomes, UVA BR Brazil

Timelimit: 1

Larissa is a very intelligent and studious scholar, so she is engaged in various activities. The end of the year, the month of hers final presentation, has arrived. She, very busy, needs to know if she can perform her presentation before Christmas! But prior to her presentation she must undergo a check with her oriental counselor, Prof. Takanada


The input is composed of an  E (0 < E < 25) value representing the day the final thesis was delivered for verification. A value  D (0 < D < 25)  representing the end date to be submitted for verification.


Show, for each test case, whether the scholar will make the presentation or not. The only possibility of delivery not to be performed on the date is due to lack of guidance from Takanada. If it is not possible, print "Eu odeio a professora!". If it is delivered within 3 days before the deadline, print "Muito bem! Apresenta antes do Natal!", Otherwise, being very close to the deadline, print "Parece o trabalho do meu filho!", In the latter case, it is added plus two days for corrections, and if the end date is shorter than the day before Christmas (24), it can be presented, and "TCC Apresentado!"" should be printed, otherwise print "Fail! Entao eh nataaaaal!".

Input Sample Output Sample

13 19

Muito bem! Apresenta antes do Natal!

22 23

Parece o trabalho do meu filho!
Fail! Entao eh nataaaaal!

21 22

Parece o trabalho do meu filho!
TCC Apresentado!