URI Online Judge | 2984

Outstanding Issues

By Roger Eliodoro Condras, UFSC-ARA BR Brazil

Timelimit: 1

During this period of student strike at UFSC-Araranguá meetings and assemblies became frequent events among students. Last week, for example, Jhennifer called a meeting with Computer Engineering students to talk about the unfolding of the standstill. During the meeting, she realized that not all the business started was in fact over and that some closings occurred without even the agenda being started. To try to control this situation, whenever a new subject was mentioned she would write a parenthesis in her notebook, and when a staff was finalized she would write a parenthesis.
The meeting turned out to be longer than expected, so Jhennifer could no longer verify that all matters started were actually over.
From the notebook notes, help Jhennifer see how many pending topics are on the agenda before the meeting is over. Some subject can be closed without being previously opened, but once a subject is opened it must be closed.


A single line containing a string S (|S| \(\leq\)100000) consisting only of the characters e ).


Print a line “Ainda temos X assunto(s) pendente(s)!“ where X represents the number of issues pending at the meeting, or “Partiu RU!” If there are no further issues pending.

Input Samples Output Samples


Ainda temos 1 assunto(s) pendente(s)!


Partiu RU!