URI Online Judge | 3037

Playing Darts by Distance

By Pedro S. L. Rey BR Brazil

Timelimit: 1

John and Mary created their own version of darts, darts by distance. Each one throws 3 darts, choosing how far they will play from the target. In the normal game of darts, a number x is scored by the distance between where the dart hit and the center of the target. In the game of John and Mary it is punctuated xd where d is the distance betwen the shooter and the target.

John asks you to make an algorithm that gives the score given the distance of each turn, returns the winner


The first line of the entry consists of a N number of test cases. In each test case there will be 6 lines, where the first 3 lines correspond to the pitches of John and the next 3 lines to the pitches of Mary. Each line of a test case consists of two numbers X and D where X is the score and D is the distance


The output consists of the winner of each test case.

Input Sample Output Sample

1 10
2 1
1 1
10 10
1 0
2 0
10 1
1 10
2 5
1 1
2 1
3 0