URI Online Judge | 3038

Encrypted Christmas Letter

By Jessica Dagostini, URI Online Judge BR Brazil

Timelimit: 1

Mister Klaus receives the most diverse letters from children all over the world. Every year, with no exceptions, he selects some of the cooler Christmas letters to give them more attention. This year, one of these letters caught the eye of Klaus for a particular reason the letter was encrypted! Inside the envelope, there was the letter with the Christmas request and an attached note that said:

"Mister Santa Klaus: I imagine that you must receive thousands of Christmas letters every year, and maybe it must be annoying to read all of them without a challenge. I hope that my letter brings you a bit of fun! I changed all word vowels by symbols. Use this table to correctly read my request!"

Let's help Santa to translate this letter?


The input consists of several test cases and ends with EOF. Each test case corresponds to a phrase F (5 < F < 256), composed by lower letters, the symbols from the decryption table and white spaces. Each test case is ended by a line break.


Prints the decrypted phrase, with the help of the table given by the author of the letter.

Input Samples Output Samples
h&ll* s@nt@
th!s y&@r ! w*#ld l!k& t* w!n fr*m chr!stm@s g!ft @ c*mp#t&r t* c@n l&@rn t* pr*gr@m @nd h&lp y*# s!r t* s*lv& th& ch@ll&ng& *f my l&tt&r n&xt y&@r
h*p& y*# s!r h@v& &nj*y&d my ch@ll&ng&
m&rry chr!stm@s
hello santa
this year i would like to win from christmas gift a computer to can learn to program and help you sir to solve the challenge of my letter next year
hope you sir have enjoyed my challenge
merry christmas