URI Online Judge | 3074

Queries on an Array

By Aleksandar Ivanović RS Serbia

Timelimit: 4

You are given an array a of N elements. Array a is  0-indexed. There are two types of queries that you should perform on the array.

Note that 0th bit is the least significant bit and 31st bit is the most significant bit.


The first line contains one integer N–size of the array. Second line contains N integers that are initial values of the elements in the array. Third line contains one integer Q–number of the queries. Following Q lines contain one query per line.


Output contains \(\begin{matrix} \sum ¿\\ Q¿\\ \end{matrix}\) lines, where \(\begin{matrix} \sum ¿\\ Q¿\\ \end{matrix}\) represents the number of \(\sum¿\) queries, and each line contains the answer to the corresponding query.

Input Sample Output Sample


1 2 3 1


SUM 0 2

INVERT 0 2 0

SUM 0 2

INVERT 3 3 10

SUM 3 3