URI Online Judge | 3088

Text Correction

By Guilherme Londe, PUC Goiás BR Brazil

Timelimit: 1

In many languages a rule must be followed when writing any digital text : do not use white spaces before a comma or a period .

Write a program that , given an input text , removes any whitespace that is immediately succeeded by a comma or a period . If there is more than one such whitespace , just removes one of them .


The input consists of several test cases and is finished by the end-of-file . Each test case corresponds to a line that contains a non-empty string , and it might have alphanumeric characters , white spaces , commas or periods .


For each test case , output the text given on the input with the correction applied .

Input Sample Output Sample

Please , remove any blank space before a comma or a period .
ABc , 123  .

Please, remove any blank space before a comma or a period.
ABc, 123 .