URI Online Judge | 3152

Samuel The Coffee Grower

By Gabriel Bianchin de Oliveira, IFSULDEMINAS/UNICAMP BR Brazil

Timelimit: 1

"Do you like coffee? Yeah, most people like coffee. Have you ever thought about buying land and making your own coffee? A dream, isn't it? Today is your lucky day. Come and negotiate a land with us !!! ”

Samuel loves coffee. Seeing this ad, he soon ran to the real estate company with his rich buck to start planting his own coffee. In the real estate, two plots of the same price were offered to Samuel.

As the plots were added to the real estate system just a few days ago, the manager knows that the two plots had four vertices and the locations of the vertices, but he does not know the total area of ​​the plot.

Samuel wants your help to buy the larger land. Maybe he won't give you a cup of coffee?

Therefore, given the four vertices of terrain A and four vertices of terrain B, tell Samuel which one has the largest area.


The input consists of 8 lines with two integers. The first four lines indicate the coordinates (x, y) of terrain A in hourly order. The last four lines indicate the coordinates (x, y) of terrain B in hourly order.


The output should say which of the two plots Samuel should buy. In the event of a tie, terrain B.

Input Samples Output Samples

4 10

9 7

11 2

2 2

1 3

2 2

3 1

1 1

terreno A

5 9

10 6

7 2

2 1

5 11

10 6

7 2

2 2

terreno B