URI Online Judge | 3157

Long Live Science!

By Samuel Eduardo da Silva, IFSULDEMINAS/UFF BR Brazil

Timelimit: 1

Oronob is a very peculiar boy. For him, only his opinion matters and nothing more. During the Coronga Virus pandemic, he uses his opinion to retaliate what science says. He then, to boost his opinions, created a bot (robot that generates automatic messages) to trigger his texts to many people.

You know Oronob, but unlike him, you are sensible and you know that science is not refuted with opinion, as well as understanding programming, so you decided to hack Oronob's bot to avoid its fallacies.

Well, then create an algorithm that changes the text of Oronob's opinions to the real truth.


An S text with alphanumeric characters and possible spaces between words.

Limits: 0 <| S | <= 280.;)


The truth.

Input Samples Output Samples

Li no face que tal remédio cura o Coronga a ciencia coronguista diz que nao

Nao se refuta ciencia com opiniao

Coronga eh criacao narniana para vender vacina

Nao se refuta ciencia com opiniao

Idai que coronga mata importante eh a economia

Nao se refuta ciencia com opiniao